Our main official sponsor Saint Vincent Distillers Ltd on the beautiful Caribbean Island of Saint Vincent, produces a variety of rums ranging from white to aged, and blended products, which continually win awards in international rum tasting competitions. Captain Bligh XO Special Reserve Rum it is the flagship of the SVDL line of quality rum products. A consistent gold award winner in international competitions, Captain Bligh has a unique, smooth, palatable flavour associated with well-aged rum. 40% alc/vol.

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Our official welcome hosts, Blue Lagoon Hotel and Marina and St.Vincent and the Grenadines Tourism Authority, will be waiting for us! Blue Lagoon staff and Viking Explorers staff will be monitoring your arrival 24/7 and assist you. They will welcome you with a rum punch and 2 days free mooring, free wifi, 100 gallons of water, Welcome Cocktail Party, discounts, and much much more.


Marina Mindelo is the official host for the stopover. They will organise a welcome party and will offer 20% discount in berthing.

Imray will provide each boat with a chart B3 The Grenadines (Saint Vincent to Grenada).

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The Canary Islands deserved to be discovered, that's why if you join Viking Explorers, you will have the support from the authors of this unique guide publish by Imray. The perfect opportunity to visit all these marvelous islands before heading to Gran Canaria for the last preparations before the crossing. We offer through www.8islas.com discounts in the Cruising Guide and all the products of IMRAY. There is a 40% discount on our E-Book! 


Predictwind is the World Leader in Wind Forecasting. Ocean Racing & Americas Cup proven, highest resolution wind & marine forecasts on the web. It is our official tracking and weather monitoring company. Offers 20% rebate on their PW subscription new or existing on the Standard or Professional version for 1 year or 3 months.

They also promote the Iridium GO  Marine Package for a very good price.


Viking Explorers has the support of the Ocean Cruising Club in England. With this event you will qualify for being member of the prestigious Ocean Cruising Club. We will issue to all participants a "Trans Oceanic Diploma".


As we care for the ocean we know that sailors that cross the Atlantic can obtain important data for the Oceanographers. We will help them to obtain some data.  We collaborate  with the University of Las Palmas the Gran Canaria in the Program Poseidón for the sightseeing of cetaceans and also with Sail&Whale.


Horizon will do a briefing in the Conference Room of Blue Lagoon Hotel and Marina about the sailing in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.


This marina at the west side of La Palma offers 10% discount for periods of a week or longer.

Lava Chandlers is the expert for Yacht equipment on the Canary Islands, located in Marina Lanzarote. It's the first Marine Chandlery after leaving Madeira, Azores, England, the north sea, the biscay, France, Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, Medsea and Marokko towards the Canarys, Cape Verde and the Caribbean. They speak German, Spanish and English. Also provide cooking gas refills and new bottles They can order in advance spare parts and help with organization of a boat sitter or reparations. Discounts up to 15%.

Every participant will receive the up to date Crossing Guide with all the vital information for this journey. They will find information of marinas, services and sponsors. Here you can find also lots of discounts of companies and harbors and needed services. 

One of the main issues of travelling the world is the bureaucracy in each country. In Blue Lagoon, Customs and Immigration building is inside the marina, just two minutes from the dock and Viking Explorers staff will help you and make the clearance as smooth as possible.

Carlota Texeira, local of Gran Canaria, will help you to complete your grab bag and first aid quit with all the things you are missing with or without receipt due to her good connections with phamarcies. This will be arranged in the safety seminar. 

In Viking Explorers our priority, like yours, is safety. That's why we offer a Safety Seminar by Oliver Solanas Heinrichs, who was safety officer for other transatlantic rallies and has crossed the Atlantic. Every skipper is responsible for the safety of their boat and crew - no compulsary equipment checks and the organization takes no responsibility in any matters. 

Do you have kids and need time to prepare the boat? Viking Explorers has a service of babysitting, a girl with the University degree of Early Childhood Education who will plan activities during the day  for the kids, so you have time to prepare everything while they are having a great time. She can also teach safety basics onboard as she has been living on boats for years.


Who doesn't like parties? During the event, there will be several parties in the three islands (Gran Canaria, Mindelo, St.Vincent) including the Welcome Party in Mindelo and in St.Vincent and the Grenadines. So get to meet the other Viking Explorers and be part of our big family.


We maintain a database of safety and identification info on all registered boats which is a great benefit to search and rescue organizations in the event of an emergency. We use Predictwind for tracking and weather monitoring.

During the route, from Canary Islands to Mindelo and then from Mindelo to St.Vincent and the Grenadines, the team will follow up and contact the participants through the satellite  devices. Having a team on shore, we will constantly monitor the boats. The use of a satelite device is optional, but necessary for our tracking and all monitoring.  Participants, will receive an email from the Rally Control, where they can contact us at all times. We will also post all the info on our official facebook page and group. We will do a live broadcast every few days. So at all times, family and friends, will be informed.

MORNING BROADCAST? Being connected

We started with the usual VHF morning broadcast at 0900am, but a participant suggested to create a messenger group for participants. So we did, and created the Viking Explorers messenger group. A great way, to be connected in the marina. Every morning at 0900. an info message and

"what´s on" to all participants. A great way to be connected all day!


We will do Briefings for the participants, talking about the weather conditions, the route, and all rellevant info of the arrival harbour… 


Part of the Viking Explorers' team are from the Canary Islands and are bilingual. They will help you in all your needs for example the pharmacy for your first aid kit, chandleries  that only speak spanish or whatever you need.

The team are also the authors of the Cruising Guide to the Canary Islands, so they know everything and everyone in the Canary Islands. They live in their boats and are at the moment circumnavigating. 

Blue Lagoon Marina

St.Vincent and the Grenadines

Blue Lagoon Marina in St Vincent is located at the Gate way to The Grenadines which has 32 islands in 32 miles of sailing with the famous Bequia only 7 miles away Mustique 10 miles and amounts other highlights for yachtsmen in The Tobago Cays. 

They will make our arrival as confortable as possible.

-24/7 monitoring on arrival and escort

-Imigration and Customs in marina

-2 days free mooring and facilities

-100 gallons of water on arrival

free charge of garbage disposal

-Use of Hotel facilities, (laundry, showers, wifi, swimming pool, gym)

-Welcome Package and drinks

-Welcome Cocktail Party


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