Mike and Oliver, organizers of Viking Explorers

The friendly rally for who?

It’s smaller and more familiar, organized by active cruisers (and also happen to be the authors of the Cruising guide to the Canary Islands) that have excellent connections on the islands. Every participant can contribute to the group; can be a talk, a workshop, an ABBA karaoke evening or fix a Christmas party. We are all in this together and want one thing: Cross the Atlantic safe. There are no requirements for boat size or equipment — it’s all up to the skipper/owner to make sure that the boat is 100% ready for an ocean crossing of 3-4 weeks. We can give advice or help to find someone that can fix something onboard, but all responsibility to an ocean ready boat is the skipper’s. You will find some security in that other boats (with friends) will be nearby to possibly assist you, because breakages will happen on some boats. We will also run a daily report and we will let everyone know (including your family and friends) where everyone is.

Viking Explorers has the right to refuse entry to vessels of doubtful seaworthiness.


Most other rallies leave for the crossing in November to be in the Caribbean for Christmas, but in January the trade winds are more reliable and the crossing is likely to have less flukey winds. You can also celebrate Christmas in your home country (in the snow) since the tickets back to northern Europe are not that expensive compared to the Caribbean. Or celebrate Christmas together with other cruisers in t-shirt, shorts and flipflops …


We will start in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria because it’s cheap to stay and it’s easy to provision and find help if needed. The start is around the 5th of January. If the weather does not cooperate we can move the start a day or two. The decision to leave is an unanimous decision from all captains and the organization.
The stop  is in Mindelo on the island of Sao Vicente in the Cabo Verde, where you can re-provision or make repairs if needed. It takes about 5-7 days from LPGC to Mindelo (850 miles).

A few days later we continue for the 2000 miles across the Atlantic to arrive at the Blue Lagoon Marina, in St.Vincent and the Grenadines, our arrival main host that will have a warm welcome awaiting us and we can let our hair down and have a few rum punches and beach parties. Most boats will arrive after 16-18 days at sea.

How to sign up?

We want a ”I am interested” via email (vikingexplorersrally@gmail.com) and we will send you the Invitation Pack of the event.

How much ?

To cover the costs for the event we will ask for a nominal fee — we will find discounts and offers that will make this fee worth  for you.

The cost is €55 per metre boat LOA, after November 15 the fee is €65/metre.


As happened in our first edition, if you are in Mindelo, the African coast or near there, you can join Viking Explorers for the big jump from Mindelo to Blue Lagoon hotel and Marina in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.  

Don't miss the opportunity of joining us, to sail safe and monitored across the ocean, and enjoy beautiful Caribbean. 

Interested in joining us? Let's Talk.​ vikingexplorersrally@gmail.com
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