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Captain Bligh XO Special Reserve Rum

It’s the flagship of the Saint Vincent Distillers line of quality rum products. The exclusive Captain Bligh XO Special Reserve Rum was awarded several years with The Gold Award, at the World Rum Awards.

Saint Vincent as a sailing destination

Together, Viking Explorers and Saint Vincent Distillers will promote Saint Vincent and the Grenadines worldwide, not only as an unique sailing ground, but St.Vincent to be the ideal stop, after the Atlantic Crossing from Europe. A nice welcome on this side of the Atlantic with its expanding Blue Lagoon Marina. Further more, Saint Vincent is “the door” to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 32 islands chain, one of the most beautiful sailing areas in the world.
Saint Vincent Distillers is based on the island of Saint Vincent, built in the foothills of La Soufriere volcano and can be visited upon appointment.

Viking Explorers popularity has grown enormously in the last editions, as the Viking Explorers to St.Vincent and The Grenadines 2020 being almost full, the company is already working on the Viking Explorers 2021, 4th edition.

St. Vincent Distillers History

During the early 1900’s, sugar was the main crop on St. Vincent. The Mt. Bentinck Estate, located 21 miles from Kingstown on the windward coast of St. Vincent, built a distillery in the foothills of La Soufriere Volcano to make use of the readily available molasses from the sugar factory next door.

The Mt. Bentinck Distillery, as it became known, operated successfully for nearly six decades until, in 1963, it was sold to the Government of St. Vincent and the name was changed to St. Vincent Distillers Limited.

Unfortunately, with bananas replacing sugar cane as the main source of the island’s economy, the sugar mill closed operation the same year, forcing the distillery to import molasses, the most important product in the production of rum.

In 1966, the Government- in a move toward privatization- sold the business to C.K. Greaves & Co. Ltd., one of the island’s most successful businesses, which continues to operate the distillery to this day.

Today, St. Vincent Distillers Ltd. boasts a clean, modern facility comprised of an expert team of distillers, blenders, bottles, technicians, and administrative staff. Together, they produce a variety of rums ranging from white to aged, and blended products, which continually win awards in international rum tasting competitions.

Locally, the most popular product is Sunset Very Strong Rum, which is 84.5% alcohol by volume, and it is often blended with other ingredients to produce a distinctive “Vincy” flavor. SLR is a smooth, white rum, bottled at 40% alcohol by volume. Captain Bligh XO and Sparrows Premium Rum are both aged rums with their own unique, smooth, palatable flavors that all “brown rum” connoisseurs desire. Captain Bligh XO Rum was also voted World’s Best Rum in 2014.

St. Vincent Distillers is also proud of its branded Sunset Rum Punch, popular throughout the Caribbean.

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