Testimonials Viking Explorers 2019

(second edition)

We first heard about the group pretty early and then we thought this would be awesome to hang out with other international sailors. We have learned so much from everyone else and the boat is much more safe now because of that. And its super fun to meet everyone after a sailing and have a couple of beers. We now have contacts everywhere and lots of friends. Mom and dad were happy that we sailed with other people as well!

William Siegel and Elias Klind S/Y Astrid

”Everyone was as happy as us to arrive and there was welcome parties on the beach most nights. It was incredibly satisfying to be part of this merry, brave and wonderful group of sailors of all ages and from different yacht of varying sort and size. Such a fellowship is really special and rare to find in other contexts!”

Lotta Logard and Mads Poulsen S/Y Looma IV

I got a lot of help from other Vikings when preparing for the Atlantic crossing. Oliver gave a good lesson in security thinking. Without V. E. I may not have started my project to buy another boat and take off from Sweden. The social network with V. E. still works in April four months after meeting in Las Palmas. And info is always published on Facebook about members of V. E. On S/Y Marina I had a sail maker in the crew that repaired sails on other boats in V. E. with a machine from Looma lV. If someone was missing a tool or a screw somebody else got it. If you wanted something from Sweden a new crew member to another boat could bring it. And much more...

Stellan Nilsson S/Y Marina

To sail in a group and be in contact with other participants give us some kind safety. While crossing the Atlantic after almost 10 days I contacted Micke Westin of S/Y Svea av Valleviken who was 100 miles behind us as the rudder was starting to vibrate a lot. After a few hours the vibration disappeared as it resulted to be only seaweed. Also to meet new friends and be part of this family  which keep us now connected with new friends sailing around the world.   

Oliver Solanas & Carlota Texeira S/Y Islander

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